We were saddened when we heard you were ill; here we brought you a bouquet of rich flowery red rose as a sign of my love and strong hope for your health and happiness as you prepare to resume to the house. Get well soon great man, your absence has created more work than we can handle. The more you stay in the hospital, the more work we have to do. Anyway, get well very quickly the whole word is yawing for your return because we miss you.

Like a dying flower in gloom, you lie helpless but you rise and bloom and dance like a fresh blade of grass to the drumming of the breeze of life. You rise and bounce back like a great warrior who just battle Armageddon. We are anticipating for your return. We greatly miss you, but even greater is the fact that you miss something special when are away. Get well so soon and return home to decorate the world with your rainbow colors and brightness of special gift, we waiting for you.

Our heart skipped its beat when we received the news of your ill-health. We wish you could tap health from everyone in the world and remain healthy that we may see your smiles every day at the office. We pour my well-wishes like a libation and offer our prayers as a sacrifice for your health renewal. Seeing you every day is one of the greatest things that we always want. Now we can see you again because you have conquer ill-health which forced you to stay back from where we always have inspiration. We offer you a basketful of flowery quick-recovery prayers. Get well soon and return to us (the whole world) ….

There are several reasons your family is worried and needs you at home, and one of it is that you are so wonderful and we just need you back here. Get well soon. We love you. Recovering sooner than you think has been my prayer since you left. Swing back to life and wear your cheerful look again. I send you fast healing wishes. We are so eager to have you back with us. Arise and shine and bounce back to life. We wish you quick return to health.
It has not been easy for me since we heard you were not feeling fine. We send you this message to let you know we are thinking of you and hope you will get better soon; wishing you fast return to health.we care so much about you and wish you quick healing and we are anticipating for your return to the House.
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